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You Do Want To Level Up, But You're Scared...

Even when we're trying to be successful, we can find ourselves too scared to take the next step. Maybe it's a scary job opportunity or a big opportunity that you don't know how to take on. It might even be the fear of what people will say about you trying to create a new opportunity for yourself. The fear of failure is often the most paralyzing thing and it can make us want to stay in our comfort zone. But the first question to ask is, how do we even know when we should stay and when we should go as in, taking a leap? That's what this blog post is about: the ways in which we can tell if we're actually ready to level up not just with our careers, but also in other aspects of our lives.

First of all, what does it even mean to level up?

A level up is a term used in games or sports. It's when someone does something that's seen as a success, allowing them to move on to the next level. In comparison, to plateau or max out, is when someone stops progressing and ceases to make further accomplishments, often because he/she doesn’t recognize the need to do so, or does, but is afraid.

Basically, to level up or max out is the difference between doing nothing and doing something, even if it's not perfect. Now that we've defined these two terms, the question becomes - how do we know when we're ready to level up?

Know what you want

Hopefully, your goal is to be the best version of you possible. If you're not satisfied with your life or career, ask yourself what it is you really want. Do you want to become the best at what you do? If so, then you may be ready to level up.

However, achieving anything requires constant hard work and dedication. Sure, there will be bumps in the road and you might need to go back to take another class or two, or even three. But it's all worth it when you find yourself at the top of your game and standing out from the rest of the pack.

Fear and stay in a rut, or fail and leap out

It's easy to get stuck in a rut. Sometimes there is that feeling that we are doing the right thing, but it can still feel like something is holding us back. The fear of failure or not knowing if we should go or stay can make us want to stay and not take the risk or the leap. But the truth is we'll never know unless we try. It’s the “trying” part that often causes us to run for cover and stay put.

So now, the first question we need to ask ourselves is: what am I afraid of? If it's fear of failure, then that's okay - not everyone succeeds at first try. In fact, most don't. It doesn't mean that you're destined for failure, but it does mean you do need to be prepared if things don't go as planned. So now, how do we prepare for this possibility? Read on.

Timing is Key

When is it time to level up? The answer will be different for everyone. We should always be constantly evaluating what we want out of life and what success looks like for us, while also evaluating how to get there and questioning whether or not we're willing to put in the work or pay the price, and when to do it.

How do you know when you're ready to level up?

How do we determine when we should stay and when we should go, so to speak? Taking the decision to level-up can be scary and paralyzing for some. But it's important to remember that change is always on the table as an option and possibility, and it's better to make a decision while you're still in control of your choices. It's not easy to figure out what the next step should be.

That's why willingness and capability are two key factors in determining whether or not you're ready to level up.

Willingness: This is the most subjective factor because it will be different for each person. You might want to take on new challenges or responsibilities, but your fear of failure might be holding you back. If this is the case, then you're probably not ready for the changes that leveling up will require because fear has become too powerful in your life.

Capability: Now this one isn't as subjective as willingness because it deals with facts rather than emotional states. Whether or not you are capable of taking on new responsibilities depends on your skill sets, experience, knowledge base, etc. So if you don't have the skill sets required to take on new responsibilities at work for example, then you may be willing but not yet capable, which still means you're not ready to level up because you currently lack the capability to do so.


We all have goals and ambitions. Although truthfully, there are people that you will meet who feel that this is neither necessary nor a priority. It also does happen sometimes that we do have goals but we're unaware of them. There’s just this knowing that we want and need to level up. But finding the courage to take a chance and go after what you want can be a difficult thing to do.

The best way to know if you're ready to level up is by being introspective and figuring out what it is you really want. It's also important to understand why you want it and if it's truly something that will make you happy. Only then will you be ready.


● What does ‘level up’ mean to YOU and in what area(s) of your life do you need to level up? ● Take the time and make the effort to determine what you want out of life, and what you absolutely don't.

● Make the decision: Stay in a rut because of fear and failure, or leap out in spite of it.

● Determine when it's right to start stepping out and when you do, don't constantly look back.

● Are you willing AND are you capable at this particular point in time? Both answers need to be YES.

Refinement Coaching is Transformation Coaching. Refinement is the stage of life and living, where you must recognize what is holding you back and seize the confidence that is needed in order to take the steps that are required, to launch yourself, your life, and your business, into your absolute highest and best use.

- Coach Edith-Ngozi

Refinement Coaching is part of my signature Head-To-Toe Self-Makeover Coaching Program created to help you:

●boost your personal-confidence

● create or recreate your personal brand

● create or recreate your professional brand

● create or recreate your signature style

● refine your language skills

● improve your communication and presentation skills while tackling the fear and anxiety associated with public speaking or speaking in public.

If you're ready to confront what's confronting you, go ahead and take the first step.

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