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Debunking Some Myths

I Don't Have Coaching Qualifications.

Can I Be A Coach?

  • Yes, you Can!


  • You feel fear and anxiety when speaking in public, yet you're the boss.


  • You have minimal or no knowledge of your personal brand.


  • You suffer from low personal confidence or low self-esteem. 

Problem #1
Need To Improve Communication Skills

You're a new:


  • CEO

  • Board member

  • Business owner

  • Bank manager

  • Public official

  • Entertainer


  • Recent MBA program graduate


Despite this new chapter of your life, your presentational and communication skills needs an upgrade – fast.

Problem #2 

Language Gaps Are Hindering You

Your current position requires you to:

  • Make presentations

  • Attend conferences

  • Use English frequently and more powerfully than before


Gaps in your sentence structure, writing, and grammar are clear roadblocks to effective communication.

Problem #3
Challenges With Personal Confidence

You've been putting off taking decisive steps, but you just can't wing it anymore. It's sink-or-swim.

​Despite your busy schedule, you recognize it's time to make a change. You MUST do something to boost your personal confidence. The clock is ticking...

Problem #4
Personal brand/Signature Style Needs Revamping

A personal brand sets you apart and establishes your uniqueness as an individual.


You do have one but at this new stage of your life, you admit that you need to re-brand and create a new signature style that represents who you are TODAY.

My Approach

I Offer 4 Core Coaching Programs

Refinement Coaching


Tackles deficiencies in:

  • Personal confidence

  • Communication & Language

  • Branding - Personal &  Professional 

  • Signature Styling

Depending on your needs, the program can be taken in blocks or segments.




Confidence Coaching


Standing up to speak in front of a group of people is very different from talking to a few friends or colleagues. It's something that so often causes great anxiety, yet it's a vitally important part of communicating in today’s world.

This Confidence-Booster Course is a comprehensive signature coaching program for Busy Executives & Professionals, MBA and PhD graduates just joining or rejoining the job market, as well as Recent Graduates, preparing for interviews or the next phase of life.




Public Speaking/Speaking-In-Public Coaching


Public speaking is the process of speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner that is intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners. Effective speaking in public skills are so important in all walks of life and for all ages.


It is impossible to quantify the value of the personal confidence that comes with being comfortable speaking to an audience small or large. I offer specific Speaking in Public coaching that's laser-targeted for the CEO, senior executive Non-Native Speaker of English.






Soft Skills & Customer Service Coaching

Tackles deficiencies in:

  • Striking EQ and IQ Balance

  • Customer Attention

  • Listening Skills

  • Communication

  • Time Management

  • Corporate Style & Dress

How Does It Work?


Step1: Sign up for your free Clarity Session.

Step 2: We decide if this is a good match.

Step 3: Complete the Assessment Form.

Step 4: We review together.

Step 5: Choose Your Coaching Program

Step 6: Agree to terms and sign contract.

Step 7: Make payment.

Step 8: We agree on a coaching schedule.



Still have questions?   Contact me

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