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Refinement Coaching -helping you step up into your highest and best use! 

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Speaking English and communicating IN English are NOT the same.
CEOs, Managers, and Executives who are non-native speakers often have an urgent need to improve their communication skills but limited time to do it.

You have gaps in your knowledge of English that are preventing you from communicating effectively in English. This program is for you.

Many struggle with poor self-confidence, costing them a lot  in terms of  jobs, new opportunities and so much more.

It makes sense to take steps to remove this mountainous obstacle.  In this signature coaching program you will gain the skills and tools to help empower you and boost your overall self -confidence.

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Branding & Style

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Standing up to speak in front of a group of people is very different from talking to a few friends or colleagues. It's something that so often causes great anxiety, yet it's a vitally important part of communicating in today’s world.

This is true for native speakers, but even more so for for non-native speakers.

Q: Can I get coached from any country?


Q: How much of my time will this take?
In order to achieve maximum benefits, I recommend a minimum  three-month commitment.

Q: Do I need any previous knowledge or experience with coaching?
No, you don't. 

Wondering what to do next?  Contact me, or better still, take a moment or two to wach this short video that walks you through the next steps, after you've completed your confidence assessment.


Your personal brand and sigature style announce your uniqueness to the world. Yet sadly, many neglect this importat piece of their special puzzle. 

Q: What languages do you coach in?

English, French Spanish

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It's An Empowering Total-Package Signature Coaching Program


Problem #1

Need To Improve Communication & Presentation Skills

You're a new CEO, board member, business owner, public official, entertainer, or maybe you've just finished a rigorous MBA program - definitely a game changer BUT, your communication and presentation skills don't match your new reality. You realize that you've got to do something to fix this - fast.

Problem #2
Language Gaps That Are Hindering You

Your current position now requires you to attend conferences, make presentations and generally use English much more intensely than before. Your major concern now is that your gaps in sentence structure, writing, and even grammar, have become roadblocks that you absolutely need to work on in order to improve your ability to communicate effectively.

Problem #4
Personal Brand / Signature Style That Needs Revamping

A personal brand & signature style set one apart and establish a person's uniqueness as an individual.  You do have one, but at this new stage of your life, you recognize that you need to re-brand, and create a new signature style that represents who you are TODAY. 

What Exactly is Refinement Coaching? 

Problem #3
 Self-Confidence Is A Real Challenge 

You've been putting off taking decisive steps but push has come to shove and you just can't wing it anymore - it's now sink or swim.  With limited availability because of your busy schedule, you're wondering if there are any fast-track programs out there specifically tailored to help clients like you increase thier self-confidence level within a short time.

When you make the choice and commit to plug these gaps that represent mountains hindering and holding you back, I will commit to be your coach, guiding you through my signature Refinement Coaching Program, in a way that enables you reach your goals, empowering you to step up into your highest and best use.


What Results Can I Expect?

Refinement Coaching Gets Results 

How Do I Know You're The Right Coach For Me?

Finding the right coach match is critical because the coach-client relationship must be built on trust. This means that it's important for you to feel secure and in safe hands with the coach who is right for you. The first step is to download the free confidence assessment. Next, book a Discovery Session - an opportunity for both coach and potential client to establish that this is a good match - and pave the way for a blueprint to ensure you achieve the results you desire. ​​​​​​​



No more vicious cycles of trouble communicating in English, low self-confidence and self-esteem, or an outdated personal brand. Refinement Coaching will catapult you to your next level and break the cycle, letting you emerge a good communicator with a firm grasp of the language, confident in who you are, and a personal brand and style signature that confirm it. 


Your Total-Package Signature Coaching Program

Is  This Where You're At Right Now?

  • you're a multilingual leader for whom English is not your native language, yet you have to be at the top of your game in a world where a command of English is an absolute must.

  • you have a fear and anxiety of speaking in public -  inconsistent with your present role and responsibilities.

  • No personal brand, or lack of confidence, self-esteem even though you're the boss.

  • Have no clue or at best, fuzzy knowledge of personal branding and signature style? Why bother with all this? Isn't it enough to be the boss? No.


recognized Benefits

accelerated results

Refinement Coaching is a life-transforming type of coaching  program that tackles deficiencies in language, communication, self-confidence, and personal brannding & style, all in a single coaching package. 

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The Total-Package Refinement Coaching Program can be taken in blocks, or in segments, depending on your needs.

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improveD communication skills

Addresses the fear and anxiety of speaking in public, including comportment and deportment. 

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complementary image consulting - men & women

Yes, coaching with me qualifies you for  one free complementary Style Coaching session included as part of your coaching package. Valued at € 350. (Special conditions appy. Contact me for more info).

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If you're looking for a coach who is intuitive and produces expedited results, uses compassion as well as passion, who coaches with humour as well as humanity and believes that you can overcome these challenges to propel you to your highest and best use in life - then I'm your coach.  Get in touch today, let's do this!

Why Work With Me?  

Your investment in this signature Refinement Coaching program will yield amazing syntergistic results that more than likely could not be achieved without the help of a coach who understands the dyamics involved.  

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Edith's Professional Assets  

certified confidence coach

 licensed style coach/image consultant who understands the importance of a  personal brand




over 20 years of combined experience in coaching and training

training in sales, public speaking - Toastmasters International, negotiation, mediation & conflict resolution, editing, sales scripting, writing



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Excellent quality


-Thiaba Camara Sy, Managing Partner, Deloitte Senegal​​​​​​​



I  like your direct feedback to my speaking. Thank you!


- G. Tumasyev, CEO, Digital Marketing,  Russia 

Style Coaching

Image Consulting Services

Dr M. Fraysse, France


Test The Waters With My Free Confidence-Booster Email Coaching Course!

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Signing up is really easy. You've delayed enough. Let's get started! Contact me today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: After taking the Confidence Assessment, what's the next step?
You contact me to book your free follow-up coaching session. 

Q: What exactly is Refinement Coaching?
It's a Total-Package type of coaching.  This means that you have the option to work on one area alone, or multiple areas simultaneously, getting you faster results.